ROIZO Grip Stone Sleeves

ROIZO Grip Stone Sleeves


Roizo Grip Stone Sleeves were made to grip the SOS! These sleeves are great for extra grip and protection lifting concrete stones or natural stones. You will find that Roizo Grip Stone Sleeves gives you great grip and protection on any carries, kegs, sandbags, Husafell, and even Conan's Wheel.

The sleeves are made from a heavy duty and durable rubber that is meant to add significant grip. As well as adding the protection needed for lifting and carrying extremely heavy objects. The sleeves are designed with five straps to prevent the sleeves from sliding out of place.

Sizing is made simple, as one size fits all.

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One size fits all.

The straps are designed to be versatile and flexible to your needs. They can be easily cut with scissors to your perfect length and fit.