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Inspired Through Innovation

A Workout Shirt Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Before.

Roizo's Pro Grip Gear Has A Second Grip Layer To The Shirts, Which Will Stick To You Unlike Any Other Material You Encounter. Once You Try Roizo's Grip Gear Shirts You Will Be Left Wondering How You Ever Worked Out With Out It, Or Just With Chalk. Chalk On Apparel Just Doesn't Compare To Roizo Grip Shirts, Nor Does Messy And Expensive Non-Reusable Tacky!

Whether You Are A Strongman, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, Footballer, Surfer, Olympic Lifter, Crossfitter, Firefighter, In The Military, We All Train, And Roizo Wants To Give You The Competitive Advantage.

Our Grip Shirts Will Give You The Extra Drive You Need When Striving For That New Max, Or Just Next Rep. If You Are Serious About Reaching Your Max Potential Then You Need Roizo Gear For Your Next Workout.

Join The Pros And Reach A Higher Level. When You Lift With Roizo You Lift With Confidence. Roizo Grip Shirts Are The New School In Lifting. Chalk On A Shirt Doesn't Offer Much Grip, And That Is Where Roizo Gripgear’s Superior Grip Comes In!