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Roizo PowerTek Shirts are the most advanced conditioning & bench press shirts on the market. The back grip works to allow more energy from your legs transfer through your body into the bottom of the lift. For squats the back grip provides grip, comfort, and security as the bar rests across the shoulders and back. This game changing conditioning & bench press shirt is a great way to take your conditioning to the next level by getting more out of every workout. Our goal is to drive fitness & health through product innovation.



Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

Thanks Roizo Team

Roizo shirts are amazing, They really do work, if you don't believe it come to the gym and see for yourself. I was skeptical in the beginning, after meeting the owner and allowing me to try one, I immediately felt a difference. Ill never lift again without one. They help in all areas not only bench. I cant touch 415 on bench without one.”
- Tom


Bro this shirt is freakin awesome...”
- Davis
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