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Do you work out? Then you need this shirt. Once you lift with a Roizo PowerTek Gym Grip Shirt you will never want to workout without one. After spending countless hours in the gym researching what lifters could possibly wear to give them that extra edge to boost their performance we found the one thing missing that allows lifters to break through their limits. By putting grip on workout shirts lifters could actually lift more weight! Get the most out of every workout with a Roizo PowerTek Gym Grip Shirt.

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews


The one I have now has been great, my back thanks you as well as I feel more stable when lying down to lift weights.”
- DM

Thanks Roizo Team

Roizo shirts are amazing, They really do work, if you don't believe it come to the gym and see for yourself. I was skeptical in the beginning, after meeting the owner and allowing me to try one, I immediately felt a difference. Ill never lift again without one. They help in all areas not only bench. I cant touch 415 on bench without one.”
- Tom

Great Shirt!

I picked up one of these gym shirts after my buddy recommended it, and love how it feels. Keep up the good work guys, I'll be telling my friends about this product.”
- R. Schmidt


Bro this shirt is freakin awesome...”
- Davis


After using the Roizo shirt on my benchpress my weight in the bench increased tremendously! I saw the biggest increase on my one rep max on the bench because this is where before without the Roizo shirt my back would slide up the bench with the heavy weight. Now with the Roizo shirt I am able to get my real 1RM!! ”
- Ryan

Spread the word!

I feel tons more confident lifting the heavier weights...Repping 160 and haven't worked out in so long! I am going to spread the word. ”
- Louis
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