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THE GOAL OF ROIZO is to make products that INCREASE lifters productivity in the gym, that is get MORE back from all the hard work YOU put in. Whether you are a football player, powerlifter, basketball player, soccer player, strongman, or you name any kind of ATHLETE, we all train in the gym at some point! We just want YOU to have the best workout possible and get the most gains.

ROIZO GRIPGEAR is game changing! You will instantly feel stronger, you will lift MORE weight, and most importantly have MORE control of the weight. So what’s the big deal about ROIZO? We put specialized GRIP MATERIAL on our shirts to give you a MAJOR advantage! This grip is applied to both the OUTSIDE of the fabric and the INSIDE of the fabric, so the outside or the fabric grips surfaces like the bench press or squat bar and the inside grips your skin for an overall SUPERIOR grip like nothing you have ever worked out with before, it really is amazing! Now, if you’re a Strongman competitor or a powerlifter, WE know you instantly see the benefit because you chalk up all the time! NO more need for old non-grippy chalk, it’s time to grow up from baby powder and get the new ROIZO GRIPGEAR and lift like you’ve got a pair. Now, for those that don’t use chalk and hit the gym regularly, and are looking for the BEST results possible, you are a ROIZO lifter and there are so many exercises that you can benefit from using GRIPGEAR, THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY TO LIST.

And REMEMBER, ROIZO is trying to be the next Nike or UnderArmour and we can only do that with you supporting us! So why not be part of this growing company and help bring to life the next big brand in performance apparel? Share us, tweet us, like us. You can do it! Thank you! ROIZO – DO IT RIGHT, DON’T JUST DO IT.

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